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December 2014 - The Christmas Story
November 2014 - Feature Campfire - Live a Healthy Life! Food, Nutrition and Exercise.
October 2014 - Feature Campfire - Halloween
June 2014 - Feature Campfire - Pioneers
May 2014 - Feature Campfire - Garden of Life
April 2014 - Feature Campfire - Fairy Tales ... Dreams Really Do Come True!
March 2014 - Feature Campfire - Irish and Everything Green!
February 2014 - Feature - A Thinking Day Celebration - Together We Change the World
January 2014 - Feature Campfire - Sing, Sing A Song!
December 2013 - Feature Campfire - My Favorite Holiday Friends
November 2013 - Feature Campfire - Lest We Forget
October 2013 - Feature Campfire - I'm Thankful
September 2013 - Feature Campfire - Getting to Know You
June 2013 - Feature Campfire - Summer Fun!
May 2013 - Feature Campfire - As We Hike Along
April 2013 - Feature Campfire - Earth Day
March 2013 - Feature Campfire - We Can Make a Difference - Celebrating International Women's Day
February 2013 - Feature Campfire - The Klondike Gold Rush
January 2013 - Three Cheers for 100 Years - Happy Birthday Alberta Girl Guides
December 2012 - Feature Campfire - My Christmas Wish
November 2012 - Feature Campfire - Let There Be Peace On Earth
October 2012 - Feature Campfire - Autumn Is My Favorite Season
September 2012 - Feature Campfire - Make New Friends
SURPRISE! June 2012 Feature Campfire - The Olympics, One World, One Dream
May 2012 - Feature Campfire - Camping Adventures
April 2012 - Feature Campfire - April Showers Bring May Flowers
March 2012 - Feature Campfire - Soar Like An Eagle - Celebrating Native Culture!
February 2012 - Feature Campfire - A Garden of Friendship and Love
January 2012 - Feature Campfire - A Winter Night's Dream!
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Sing-A-Long (Informal Campfire)

Formal Campfire

Theme not required.

Has a theme.

No structure or shape.

Has structure and shape.

Purpose:  Fun and friendship.

Purpose:  To create a reflective mood of inspiration and unity.

Generally spontaneous.

Planning is required.

Requests welcomed and encouraged.

Songs specifically chosen for contribution to theme and mood, requests discouraged.

Held anytime.

Usually held at close of the day or event.

Held wherever you happen to be.

Usually held in a specified place.

Focal point unnecessary.

Focal point highly recommended.


1.         To inspire participants by creating a mood and / or


2.         To create feelings of unity and sisterhood / brotherhood.

3.         For fun and sharing.

4.         To foster the spirit of Guiding / Scouting / Togetherness /


5.         To help develop leadership and organizational skills and 



At the end of every “regular” meeting a Campfire can be held, however it may be brief.  In a camp setting, a Campfire can be longer and more relaxed, providing a better opportunity to create and develop a mood or atmosphere.

When Campfire is held at the close of day at camp, it can also be a meaningful final event at a training, workshop or conference.

A Campfire can be held anywhere the participants can sit together comfortably.  A circle formation is ideal, as everyone is then visible to everyone else, but in large gatherings, participants may sit facing the campfire leader(s).

Participation, Fun, Fellowship!