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Let's start at the very beginning ...



1.  Campfire. 8

2.  Campfire Friends. 8

3.  Dutch Fire Opening.. 9

4.  Everywhere Around the World (2-Part Round) 9

5.  Fire's Burning (4-Part Round) 9

6.  I Don’t Need a Campfire. 9

7.  Let Us Sing Together (4-Part Round)

8.  Light the Wood (2-Part Round) 10

9.  Music Alone Shall Live (3-Part Round) 10

10. Sussex Campfire Opening (3-Part Round) 10

11. Tall Trees (4-Part Round) 10

12. Vive l'Amour. 11


List 5 songs you could use for your Campfire Opening.



Song Title
























Some of my favourites:


1.  Campfire                                                                                                     


Gather round the fire tonight, Ho-la hi, Ho-la ho.

Let us sing with all our might, Ho-la, hi-la ho.



How we remember those happy days

Ho-la hi, ho-la ho,

Spent in the light of a campfire blaze

Ho-la hi-la ho.


First a round and then a song, Ho-la hi, Ho-la ho.

Then some yells though not too long, Ho-la hi-la ho.


Round the world our campfires burn, Ho-la hi, Ho-la ho.

While our thoughts to B-P turn, Ho-la hi-la ho.


2.  Campfire Friends                             


We come together in friendship, we sing together for fun.

Hearts and voices blending, in Guiding we are one.



Music joins us together,

Our circle’s open whatever,

You’re welcome whoever you are,

Whoever you are.


Our love and harmony sharing, through music, rhythm and dance,

Come join us in our circle, we’re Guiding in our hearts.


3.  Dutch Fire Opening                                  


The wood has all been brought,

The fire is burning brightly,

The smoke soars up

Our circle is completed.

Our campfire is open.


"The wood has all been brought" - girls all kneel on right knee in campfire circle and both hands out, palms up.


"The fire is burning brightly" - hold hands out as though warming them at the fire.


"The smoke soars up" - rise gracefully to feet, at the same time raising hands slowly to a position straight above heads.


"Our circle is completed" - lower hands until they rest around shoulders of the girls on either side.


"Our campfire is open" - all turn to the right - pointing with the left hand towards the fire (not straight out from the body but slightly downward, use whole hand, palm turned up slightly.)


4.  Everywhere Around the World (2-Part Round)       


Everywhere, around the world tonight,

Guides are singing 'round the campfire light.


5.  Fire's Burning (4-Part Round)                                    


Fire's burning, fire's burning

Draw nearer, draw nearer

In the gloaming, in the gloaming

Come sing and be merry


6.  I Don’t Need a Campfire


I don’t need a blazing fire to sing a campfire song;

All I need are friends like you, to help me sing along.

The night wind strums her soft guitar;

Instead of flames, we’ll watch the stars;

No, I don’t need a campfire to sing a campfire song.


7.  Let Us Sing Together (4-Part Round)              


Let us sing together, let us sing together,

One and all a joyous song.

Let us sing together; one and all a joyous song.


Let us sing again and again, let us sing again and again,

Let us sing again and again, one and all a joyous song.


8.  Light the Wood (2-Part Round)


Light the wood the campfire burns.

We are gathered all around.

Now the flames are leaping high,

Lighting up the evening sky.



All things shall perish from under the sky;

Music alone shall live, music alone shall live,

Music alone shall live, never to die.


10. Sussex Campfire Opening (3-Part Round)


Come, come, light up the fire.

Come, come, join in the ring.

Here find dreams to inspire, stories to tell, music to sing.


11. Tall Trees (4-Part Round)


Tall trees that reach the sky

Mountains and lakes nearby

Draw near, my friends, come sing, my friends

Our campfire time is nigh.


12. Vive l'Amour


Let every good Girl Guide now join in a song, vive la compagnie

Success to each other and pass it along. Vive la Compagnie



Vive la, vive la, vive l'amour

Vive la, vive la, vive l'amour

Vive l'amour, vive l'amour

Vive la compagnie


Come all you good people and join in with me, vive la compagnie.

And raise up your voices in close harmony. Vive la compagnie.


A friend on your left and a friend on your right, vive la compagnie.

In love and good fellowship let us unite. Vive la compagnie.


With friends all around us, we'll sing out our song, vive la compagnie.

We'll banish our troubles, it won't take us long. Vive la compagnie.


Now wider and wider our circle expands, vive la compagnie.

We sing to our comrades in faraway lands. Vive la compagnie.


Should time or occasion compel us to part, vive la compagnie.

These days shall forever enliven our heart. Vive la compagnie.

Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom.
If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn.
- Charlie Parker