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June 2013 - Feature Campfire - Summer Fun!

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May 28, 2013


Wow!  It’s hard to believe that the end to another Guiding year is upon us.  How time flies when you are having fun!


May was an awesome month for Edmonton Area Guiding and I managed to stay very busy.  On May 11, 2013, 1500 Guiding members met at Coronation Park to celebrate 100 Years of Guiding in Alberta.  I cooked up a storm and had the honour of leading the event Campfire with my buddy Marion Rex.  The sun shone and all participants had an amazing time.  Happy Birthday Guiding in Alberta!!


May 14th was the Annual Edmonton Area Awards Banquet.  It is one of my favourite events of the year.  Homecoming!  It’s a great opportunity to see and catch up with so many sisters in Guiding.  Mary Anne Jablonski and Mayor Stephen Mandel delivered wonderful messages.  I was honoured to receive a Team Award for the Edmonton Area Guide Friendship Camp in February and a Gold Thank You Award from the Edmonton Area Training Team. 


I spent Sunday, May 19th out at Tangletrees with 46 members from the Northern Lights District (Fort McMurray).  We had a wonderful time singing and dancing.  Hope to get an opportunity to go visit them in Fort McMurray next year.


Last but not least, I had the pleasure of delivering a Singing Games and Dances training session to some Edmonton Area Guiders on May 22.  It was a great time.  I can’t remember the last time I did a Singing Games session.  Hope to do a couple more in the new year!


Well, this will be my last Feature Campfire till September…..

It all about Summer Fun!  Have fun with this campfire.  It is a great way to share ideas for summertime activities.


Till we meet again, in September

Go Well and Safely.  I leave you with this Summer Blessing.


A Summer Blessing – Author Unknown

May you walk with God
This summer
In whatever you do
Wherever you go

Walking with God means...
Walking with honesty
And with courage,
Walking with love
And respect
And concern for the feelings of others

May you talk to God
This summer
And every day and
In every situation

Talking with God means...
Praying words of praise
For the beauty of creation
Saying prayers of thanks
For friends and good times,
Asking God's help
In all your decisions
Expressing sorrow
When you have failed

May you talk with God
Every day. Amen.

Guider Dusk (Dawn)




 Campfire Planning Sheet





June ___, 2013



Campfire Leader:




Campfire Theme:

Summer Fun!



Time Allowed:

60 minutes



Official Opening:

Dreaming of Summer (Poem by Kenn Nesbitt)




In the Good Old Summertime



Well Known Song:

If All the Raindrops



Round Part Songs:

Cuckoo (3-Part Round)


White Coral Bells (4-Part Round)



Part Song:

Merry-Go-Round (4-Part Song)



Fun Songs:

Take Me Out to the Ball Game


Bicycle Built for Two



Action Songs:

The Swimming Hole


The Frogs (4-Part Round)



Campfire Game:

Going on a Picnic




Itchy Flea



Rousing Song:

Hump De Dump



Quieter Songs:

On the Loose







Vespers & Taps:

Bed Is Too Small






Dreaming of Summer – Kenn Nesbitt


I’m dreaming of warm sandy beaches.

I’m dreaming of days by the pool.

I’m dreaming of fun in the afternoon sun,

And week after week of no school.


I’m thinking of swim suits and sprinklers,

Imagining lemonade stands.

I’m lost in a daydream of squirt guns and ice cream

And plenty of time on my hands.


I’m picturing baseball and hot dogs,

Envisioning games at the park,

And how it stays light until late every night,

And seems like it never gets dark.


I long to ride skateboards and scooters.

I want to wear t-shirts and shorts.

I’d go for a hike or I’d ride on my bike,

Or play lots of summertime sports.


My revery turns to a yearning

To draw on the driveway with chalk.

It’s really a bummer to daydream of summer

While shoveling snow from the walk.




Gather round the fire tonight, Ho-la hi, Ho-la ho.

Let us sing with all our might, Ho-la, hi-la ho.



How we remember those happy days

Ho-la hi, ho-la ho,

Spent in the light of a campfire blaze

Ho-la hi-la ho.


First a round and then a song, Ho-la hi, Ho-la ho.

Then some yells though not too long, Ho-la hi-la ho.


Round the world our campfires burn, Ho-la hi, Ho-la ho.

While our thoughts to B-P turn, Ho-la hi-la ho.



In the Good Old Summertime


In the good old summertime, in the good old summertime

Strolling through the shady lane with your baby mine

You hold her hand and she holds yours and that’s a very good sign

That she’s your tootsie wootsie in the good old summertime



If All of the Raindrops   Those beautiful summer rains!


If all of the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops,

Oh, what a world this would be!

I'd stand outside with my mouth open wide, goin'

Ah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah,

If all of the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops,

Oh, what a world this would be!

If all of the moonbeams, were popsicles and ice cream

Oh, what a world this would be!

I'd stand outside with my mouth open wide, goin'

Ah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah, ah ah ah,

If all of the moonbeams, were popsicles and ice cream

Oh, what a world this would be!



Cuckoo (3-Part Round)   The lovely song of the birds!


'Twas on a summer's evening,

I walked the forest through

When suddenly I heard it,

A sweet and low cuckoo


Cuckoo, cuckoo,

Cuckoo, cuckoo cuckoo

Cuckoo, cuckoo,

Cuckoo, cuckoo cuckoo


Mister Moon, Mister Moon you're out too soon,

The sun is still in the sky.

Go back to bed and cover up your head

And wait 'till the night draws nigh.



White Coral Bells (4-Part Round)  The beautiful summer gardens!


White coral bells upon a slender stalk

Lily of the valley deck my garden walk

Oh, don't you wish that you could hear them ring

That will only happen when the fairies sing



Merry-Go-Round (Carousel) (4-Part Song)   The summer fair!  


Oom-pah-pah (Four times, then add #2)

(This is the engine running the carousel)

Oom-sss-sss (Four times, then add #3)

(This is the steam from the engine)

Oom-tiddle-dee-dee (Four times, then add #4)

(These are the penny whistles)

Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da. Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da.

(This is the organ)

(Groups are phased out in reverse order)


(Divide your group into sections; each one takes a different verse. Imagine you're building up the sounds of one of those old-fashion steam driven carousels!)



Take Me Out to the Ball Game   Summertime fun, baseball, peanuts and lemonade!


Take me out to the ball game

Take me out with the crowe

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks

I don’t care if I never get back

Let me root, root, root

For the home team

If they don’t win it’s a shame

For it’s one,


Three strikes you’re out

At the old ball game.


All I need is just one chance

I could hit a home run

There isn’t anyone else like me

Maybe I’ll go down in history

And it’s root, root, root

For the home team

Here comes fortune and fame

‘Cause I know


I’ll be a star

At the old ball game.



The Swimming Hole  Summertime fun!


Swimming, swimming (swimming strokes)

in the swimming hole (circle with hands)
When days are hot (wipe brow)

when days are cold (hug yourself)

in the swimming hole (circle with hands)
Breast stroke, side stroke, fancy diving too... (Imitate side, breast strokes, diving)
Don't you wish you (shake finger)

never had anything else to do…BUT!


Repeat the song, each time leaving out one phrase, doing only the actions.

End the song with the word “BUT!”



The Frogs (4-Part Round)   The sounds of summer!


Hear the lively song of the frogs in yonder pond,

Crick, crick, crickety crick, BARRRUMMP!



Going on a Picnic   Family Summertime Fun!


Sit everyone in a circle. Start the story by saying, "I am going on a picnic. You can come too, if I decide I like what you're going to bring." Then give an example of something that can come on a picnic. The secret is that whatever you bring on the picnic must start with the same letter as your first name (or, if you want to make it REALLY hard, use your last name!)


For example (a girl named Colleen): "I am going on a picnic, and I will bring a Cake." (she would be allowed to come).


(A girl named Erica): "I am going on a picnic, and I will bring a can of Pop." (She would not be allowed to come).


SECRET: Do not tell the girls that the item must start with the same letter as their first name.



Itchy Flea (Flea Fly)  Those darn mosquitos!



Flea fly.

Flea fly mosquito.

Oh, no no no more mosquitoes.

Itchy itchy, scratchy scratchy, oh, I got one down my backy.

Beat that big bad bug with the bug spray.





Hump dee dump

Hump hump dee dud-dy dud-dy

Hump dee dump

Hump hump dee dud-dy dud-dy


Insert nursery rhyme to rhythm:

Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow

And everywhere that Mary went....

(Interruption, complete with hip thrust)


UH! Ain't that funky now?



On the Loose – Judith Keller   Awwwwww summer magic!


Have you ever watched a sunrise turn the sky completely red?

Have you slept beneath the moon and stars a pine grove for your bed?

Do you sit and talk with friends though not a word is ever said?

Then you’re like me and you’ve been on the loose.



On the loose to climb a mountain,

On the loose where I am free,

On the loose to live my life the way I think my life should be.

For I’ve only got a moment and the whole world yet to see,

I’ll be looking for tomorrow on the loose.


There’s a trail that I’ll be hiking, just to see where it might go

Many places yet to visit, many people yet to know.

For in following my dreams, I will live and I will grow.

In a world that’s waiting out there on the loose.


So in search of love and laughter, I am travelling ‘cross this land.

Never sure of where I’m going, for I haven’t any plans.

And in time when you are ready, come and join me, take my hand.

And together we’ll share life out on the loose.



Quietly – Sue Stevens   Summer night reflection.


Quietly in the morning, Quietly when dawn is near,

Quietly in the sunrise, Quietly God is there.



Listen for God in quietness, Listen and you may hear.

Listen for God in stillness, Listen for God is there.


Quietly in the springtime, Quietly when leave appear,

Quietly in the greenness, Quietly God is there.


Quietly in the evening, Quietly when stars appear,

Quietly in the stillness, Quietly God is there.


Quietly we are gathered, Quietly for night is near,

Quietly close beside us, Quietly God is there.



Bed is Too Small


Bed is too small for my tiredness

Bring me a hilltop with trees

Tuck a cloud up under my chin

Lord, blow the moon out, please


Rock me to sleep in a cradle of dreams

Sing me a lullaby of leaves

Tuck a cloud up under my chin

Lord, blow the moon out please.





Day is done

Gone the sun

From the lake,

From the hills,

From the sky,

All is well

Safely rest

God is nigh.


Look outside your window
The sun is calling you to come out and play